Our Soap Story

Everything that touches our skin or is absorbed into our skin should be free of harsh chemicals, toxins, harmful preservatives, parabens, chemical-based sulphates, GMO's, SLS/SLES, and possible carcinogens.

From The Beginning

Each House of Soap product has been handcrafted for me, my family (people & pets), and close friends. As such, I choose the best possible ingredients to craft a solution for the various necessities and amenities we use each day.

If you stop and think about it for a moment, think about everything you use in one day and its possible effects on not only you, but your family, your pets, the environment, and people from far off places in the world. That last one seems a little far-fetched, but sourcing, responsible sourcing affects everyone. From the local craft person to that individual half a world away.

A wellness journey...

We fill our air with chemical sprays, we bathe with chemical-laced products, we rub creams, lotions, and makeup onto (but really into our skin) with questionable ingredients, we clean our clothes, and wash our dishes with ingredients that should make you think twice.And after some medical issues a few years back, I started to think twice. This is a wellness journey. It may seem overwhelming at first, it may seem inconvenient, but my home is now free from commercial laundry products, kitchen and cleaning products. Personal amenities, such as soap, loofahs, deodorant, bath bombs, sea salt concoctions, sugar scrubs, roll on aromatherapy – aroma balls, creams, balms, the list goes on…This may be my journey, but I now invite you to come along for the ride.

A New Experience in Wellness

Here’s a short list of products I use daily; soap, shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant, perfume, hand soap, soap, dishwasher soap, laundry soap, household cleaners, room sprays and deodorizers, the list goes on. Now, most commercial products out there can use questionable ingredients, but in quantities that are not harmful to that product. The only problem is, we don’t just use that one product every day, we use many, and it is the accumulative effect that we as consumers should be concerned about.

Going Forward

Rest assured, I have done my research. I have an FAQ page with some technical data on the ingredients I use, why I use them, and how the product will address the situation This is an ongoing project and will be updated regularly. It is the condensed version of long hours of research presented for you to summarize its value. Feel free to dig deeper, explore, and learn. I will tell you, I did before I used anything in my products. 

My journey began for medical reasons. Today, I realize that I find joy producing natural solutions for myself and those I love. My only regret is that I didn’t start twenty years ago, but hey there’s no point in looking back. I can change today, and tomorrow, and that is a start. It gives me a sense of pride knowing that as my kids have kids, they will enjoy the benefits of chemical-free, non-toxic bath, body, and home care products.